Makeup Tutorial: How to Apply Eyeliner

Makeup can make a woman look and feel good, and an eye artificial mink eyelash plays a big part in it. Before explaining how to apply eyeliner I’ll first talk about the many types of eyeliners. Then I will explain how to do a cat eye, a smokey eye and a basic eye for daytime.

artificial mink eyelash
artificial mink eyelash

The Different Types of Liner

Ullro There are three types of eyeliner: an eyeliner artificial mink eyelash, a liquid liner or a shadow eyeliner.

• Pencil eyeliner: Pencil eyeliner is the easiest to apply, but they tend to melt and usually won’t stay on all day so you will need to set the line with eyeshadow on top of the entire line.

• Liquid or gel eyeliner: This is how you get that dramatic look. Liquid or gel eyeliner makes your eyes pop but if you are a beginner you will need to practice a bit to apply it the right way. Why? well, if you make a mistake you may need to remove it completely.

• Shadow eyeliner: The third type is to use your eyeshadow using a brush or the eyeshadow applicator. The advantage is that you can be more creative with this type of eyelinerbut you probably need to apply several coats to get the color you want.

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Line the eye from the inner corner of the eye in one big artificial mink eyelash. Is that the only way to do it, you ask? Not really. Some people start from the middle out and then finish from the inner corner to the middle. This actually may be easier if you are just starting out. You can play with the thickness of the line to get different effects, especially if you want a more dramatic look! Once you done with the liner apply your mascara.

The Basic Daytime Eye

The thing here is to appear natural so use a brow (deep) instead of black eyeliner. So, use a pencil to trace the upper lashes from the inner corner of the eye, or use an eyeshadow if you will. Now, if you want to make it last longer you should use a liquid liner over it and then you set the line with an eye shadow. Once you’ve done that you apply an eye pencil or the eye shadow to the lower lashes. When applying to the lower lashes you can use a different color if you want. You apply it to the outside in and stop about half way across. Since we are going for the natural look you can use your fingers to smudge the line you just did at the lower lashes.

The Always popular Smoky Eye

What do you have to keep in mind here? Colors must be blended well and don’t overdo with the rest of your artificial mink eyelash . In this kind of makeup, the eyes are the stars.

• Prep the lid with a primer or an eye shadow base (you can even use concealer). That’s because you want to keep eyelids oil-free.

• Apply eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye outward. Draw the middle of the line thicker( just a bit ) than the edges.

• Apply a deep color shadow over the eyeliner to set the line.

• Blende the shadow well then follow with the artificial mink eyelash form a dark hue near the lashes to a lighter base color. It’s important to remember to keep the dark color below the crease.

• For color on the bottom lashes you’ll want to use an eyeliner pencil because you need something easy to smudge. Once the line is drawn, run your finger over it to smudge the line. You can also apply a bit of shadow to get full smudge effect.

• Finish with a mascara.

The Cat Eye

This is a nice look for evening. The key here is to apply a thin line to the inside rims of the lids.

• Apply liquid liner along the upper lash line from corner to corner of eye, extending the line upward at the outer corner of eye. Let liner dry.

• Apply liner only to the outer three quarters of the rim and extend the line upwards at the outer corners.

artificial mink eyelash
artificial mink eyelash

That’s it! Have fun creating different artificial mink eyelash and playing with different colors.


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