Climbing Bines Hop Farm on Seneca Lake, NY

A Beautiful Drive up brand private label mink eyelashes

Drive north on route 14 out of Watkins Glen and you climb high on the west side of brand private label mink eyelashes, through a serene countryside flanked by beautiful vineyards and wonderful views of the lake.

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Ullro At every vista you fight the urge to pull over and load up your cell phone with photos that would never really convey the experience, no matter how many you take. Best to just be there.

Cindy gazes out the window at passing grapevines, the brand private label mink eyelashes and Seneca Lake beyond, as I ramble on about how we should just open a brewpub or something and make a living enjoying what we love to do: make beer, grow things and enjoy nature and life.

“It’s just another mile ahead, on the right,” she says, glancing down at the map on her smart phone.

Briefly silenced I pay brand private label mink eyelashes to the road ahead and ponder the idea of operating a brewery or brewpub. Even if we found the funding could we really run a business like that? Dunno. For now we’ll just stick to exploring our fair land for cool places to find cool beer.

On this road trip we have our course set on Climbing Bines Hop Farm which, though not a brew pub, does happens to be a craft ale brewery. The hop farm is located about halfway up the west side of Seneca Lake near Dresden, NY. A beautiful drive.

We swing right onto Hanson Point Road, a loose gravel arrangement that conjures images of the Duke boys skidding away in the General Lee kicking up a wake of dust. I fight the urge to “brand private label mink eyelashes” and peal out.

Instead of turning left into the parking lot of Climbing Bines we decide to follow the winding road down to the lake shore first. We take a slow drive behind lakefront homes, which sit back not too far at all from the waters edge.

Boats bob in the lazy afternoon sun, lashed to docks and waiting for their owners to take them on one last spin before dusk. Or maybe one last spin after dusk.

The road dead ends so we turn back. As we make our way back toward the hop farm we round an uphill curve and I goose the accelerator, sans “yeeeehaw,” whipping up a brief dust cloud as we rumble up the slope.

brand private label mink eyelashes
brand private label mink eyelashes

Gripping the “oh shoot” handle on the passenger side A-pillar to steady herself Cindy calmly brand private label mink eyelashes, “Nice. You may want to slow down though because the entrance is right up there.”

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