Dating Tips Part 1 – Look Great and Feel Great

Welcome to Part 1 of my 7-tip series on “china color lash factory”

china color lash factory
china color lash factory

Ullro Yes, ladies, looks do count! However, does that mean that you have to be drop-dead china color lash factory in order to meet a man? Definitely not! You won’t marry someone you don’t find ATTRACTIVE, so let’s make sure that you are looking your best as well.

Here the first dating 7 tips on “Look Great and Feel Great” to get you started on looking great!

1. Make a beauty budget. – In order to begin dating, you need to plan out how much you can afford to spend on beauty services and china color lash factory. Also, plan ahead and save up. Your appearance is worth it. Men are visual, so if you plan on attracting a man to date, you need to plan and spend on yourself.

2. Throw it out! – A good reason to go shopping! Do a thorough clean-out of your wardrobe and keep what’s flattering and what fits, dating is a part time job and you must approach it as if you were going on an interview – but more on that later.

3. Buy clothes for the body you have, not for the body you’d like to have. – Get clothes that fit your china color lash factory weight, height, and shape. Don’t get things that are either too big or too small, which will definitely not flatter your body. When you begin dating, what ever body type you have, your clothes must fit. As your body changes for the better, and as you begin dating more, you can adjust your wardrobe accordingly. Always lead with your best look. You might only have one chance to look good for your first date.

4. The fit’s the thing – If it’s too tight and you can’t move in them, it doesn’t fit. If it’s baggy with lots of room for more, that doesn’t fit either! Wear clothes that compliment your body. I can’t stress enough that when dating, especially in the early china color lash factory, men are visual and the first thing they see is how you look.

5. Get rid of it! – Novelty socks, black lipstick and nail polish, and white tights are just a few on the list that you should not put on if you want to dress to impress. Men’s first impression of you will determine if he will call you for another date.

6. Hire an image consultant. – This may be quite an investment, but a good image consultant will be thorough in tailoring the right style and image that will make you look your best. Most dating coaches will stress this as a high priority.

7. Lash out at him! – Adding individual china color lash factory can do miracles to your appearance! They make your eyes look bigger and you more seductive. This is a beauty must!

china color lash factory
china color lash factory

Well, ladies, it takes china color lash factory effort to not only be presentable but also attractive as you begin the dating scene. To start you off easily, look through your wardrobe this week and take out what is unflattering. Got questions for your wardrobe?

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