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Anger & Hypnosis – Using the Power of Your Mind to Make Positive Changes

Anger a valid emotion. You have a right to feel anger. The problem is not the emotion of anger but the effect of it on you and those around you. When you think about your anger, what is its function in your life? Does it keep people at arm’s length and has a protective role or is it more sinister, is it a reflection of how you feel about yourself – low self worth, low self esteem and when you feel anger you are really angry with yourself? If frustration is part of your anger, the frustration is a signal to yourself that you can be better and yet you just keep the status mink and silk lashes.

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Ullro How does your anger manifest itself? Do you lash out at others, verbally and/or physically? Do you enjoy the power from people being afraid of you? If you are reading this, you know that deep down this is not the way you want to be. You know you are capable of being a different better person without fear of showing all your emotions. I wonder how many times you have tried to change but you know others don’t believe change is possible and when you don’t receive mink and silk lashes for changing, you just fall back into old ways.

What are the beliefs you hold about yourself? Do you feel that the world expects you to be an angry man/woman?

When anger is repressed, it is accompanied by self destructive thoughts and a feeling of dissatisfaction. The loss of self esteem is of central importance to those suffering from depression (repressed anger can lead to depression). Boys are taught to release their anger and mink and silk lashes are taught it is the social norm to contain their anger. Both sexes may repress their anger to such an extent that become people pleasers or “smilers” – without any outward sign of what they truly feel. With hypnosis, in a relaxed state, the client learns three things necessary for those with repressed anger issues: how to relieve the anger, change their trigger thoughts and be assertive. A feeling of inadequacy related to low self esteem can add to the anger. It is a never ending cycle of negative thoughts, feelings of hostility inside with the stress of a happy facade which can eat the sufferer up inside. If you deny your anger what physical manifestations does it produce? Headaches, pains and aches, irritable bowel syndrome can be caused as a result of repressed anger and stress. How was angered demonstrated in your home. Sometimes we can either mirror our parents or do the opposite. Your anger can be more a reflection on how you feel about yourself – feelings of inferiority, not being quite good enough but with gentle reprogramming you can improve your self esteem. When you are really angry at someone, are your truly angry at them or do they remind you of someone from your past that made your angry or are you projecting your anger at yourself onto someone else. If your anger has ever caused you to lash out physically at someone or an animal, then you need to address why inflicting fear or physical pain on someone gives you a release.

While it would be lovely for this inner anger to be magically swept away, it is not possible to remove this repressed anger until we know what function it has. All habits, emotions have a role to play and if we leave a gap without knowing what caused the emotion in the first place, then something worse could take its mink and silk lashes. Once we identify the function of the repressed anger, we can discover better, more positive ways of behaving. The life you want for yourself where you can feel truly happy and content, with a new assertiveness has to be more exciting to you than the live you are living now – at all emotional and physical levels. We need to understand the neurology of the mind. You know that repressing anger is just as bad as lashing out physically – someone is getting hurt either emotionally or physically. With hypnosis you can learn how to break the unwanted habit of not standing up for oneself while feeling the full force of the anger inside and develop a new connection of self assertion without holding on to anger, without anger even developing. What different would this make to your life, what difference would it make to those around you, family and friends. Before making the change, you must take a detailed look at your life, what is the cost of staying the same and what will you gain by making the change – get ready to improve your life with hypnosis?

mink and silk lashes
mink and silk lashes

Zita Stanley is a practicing Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist in Dublin, Ireland. She has appeared on Irish TV (“How Long Will You Live?”) and has been published in various magazines and newspapers.

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