Makeup Tutorials For Brown Eyes – The Secrets on How to Get Perfect Brown Eyes

I am going to show you a evening look that is dark and mink fur eye lashes , it can also be used in the day time with a different combination of colors. Follow these simple guide lines and learn how to create a great brown eye for any occasion.

mink fur eye lashes
mink fur eye lashes

1. Ullro Choose 3 shades of brown eye shadow, they can be cream or powder depending on how heavy you want the color to be. They must also be a dark brown, middle brow and light brown but you can use other colors to mix things up such as gray or black.

2. Apply a base to your eye lid, this will help the mink fur eye lashes from creasing or smudging during the day.

3. Now you need to apply the middle brown onto the lid, make sure you apply all over the lid and into the crease of the eye. You can use any regular brush for this application.

4. Now take the darkest brown color with a blending brush apply into the crease of the eye. You can also blend it together with the first brown color to make it look more even and fluid.

5. Now take the light brown color, you can apply it two ways. Either buy applying the shadow just under the eyebrow arch to give your eyebrow more definition or simple by blending into the eye shadow you already have on your eye to lighten the mink fur eye lashes a bit.

6. Adding false lashes will help give you a more dramatic, evening look. You can also add glitter onto the eye for that little extra glamor!

7. Remember to blend your mink fur eye lashes ! Blending is what really makes or breaks this smokey eye look. Invest in a great blending brush that you can use again and again!

8. You can try this look with different colors, why not try pinks for a flirty look or beige for an everyday, casual look. The possibilities are endless.

mink fur eye lashes
mink fur eye lashes

Want to learn how to be a professional mink fur eye lashes artist?

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