3 Reasons to Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

It may not take very long to apply your mink fur lashes suppliers every morning, but after a long and busy day, the extra few minutes necessary to remove your foundation, eye makeup and lipstick before crawling under the covers rarely seem worth it. There are plenty of excuses to avoid removing the war paint: you’re exhausted, there’s barely any makeup on your face, you can just scrub it off with your shower gel tomorrow morning. But none of those excuses will help you achieve skin that looks healthier and more youthful than your real age. Here are three good reasons to take the time to properly cleanse your skin from all those powders and creams.

mink fur lashes suppliers
mink fur lashes suppliers

Ullro Leaving it on overnight can cause breakouts.
Many cosmetic brands are not non-comedogenic (which means it won’t clog your pores), so when you refuse to remove your makeup, you’re risking adult acne breakouts and blemishes. You’re not only allowing your pores to be clogged by the mink fur lashes suppliers you applied, but also all the dirt and bacteria you encountered during the day. Inflamed skin can be so easily prevented with just a quick swipe of makeup remover and a few dabs of face wash, and healing acne that already exists is easier when your face is clean.

Leaving it on overnight doesn’t allow your skin to breathe.
When you apply your mink fur lashes suppliers, you’re essentially creating a barrier between your epidermis and the air around you. When you fall asleep without removing that barrier, your skin cannot breathe. Allowing it to breathe is important because it allows the skin to heal itself and use its natural oils to keep it healthy over time. Not to mention that if it can’t breathe, it is aging faster than it normally would. Use a facial cleanser after removing your makeup to make sure every trace of dirt is gone.

Leaving it on overnight means you didn’t moisturize.
If you want your skin to remain young and fresh, you absolutely must slather on the moisturizers every night before you go to sleep. If you’re passing out with your mink fur lashes suppliers still intact, there is no chance that you’re using your face moisturizer properly. Do not double-whammy yourself – remove that foundation to prevent breakouts, and slather on some skin lotions or moisturizing cream for soft and supple skin.

mink fur lashes suppliers
mink fur lashes suppliers

There really is not a good reason to ever leave your mink fur lashes suppliers on overnight; even if you manage to make it through the night without smudging your mascara (or your pillow), you’ll still have to wash it off in the morning before you re-apply. By then you’ve lost the chance at benefits such as a glowing, moisturized face, and the secret to how to look younger remains out of reach. Make sure you always make the effort to cleanse your skin before you retire, and you’ll maintain that youthful look for a long time.

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