Look Around: Top Eye Makeup Tips for 2010!

How to Apply own brand custom eyelash Liner

Never tug down on lower lid; this creates wrinkles over time. (If you must pull, do it outward
towards ear.) You can always add more own brand custom eyelash, so start off light.
• Short strokes, towards temple
• Work from the outside in
• For a more dramatic look, widen the line outwards

How to Make Eyes Look Brighter

own brand custom eyelash
own brand custom eyelash

Ullro Apply light shadow eye own brand custom eyelash to inner eye; should be on the bump where your gland is.
• Pearly shades are best for dramatic effect; matte and neutral are best for natural effect
• Pink, peach & white should be part of, if not the actual shade
• Apply the same, light shade to your own brand custom eyelash arch and blend a small amount in the middle
of lid

How to Choose the Best Colors

The dark eyes’ caramel works best for people of Caucasian & African descent. For other races,
try navy or blackened olive.
• Blue Eyes; chocolate colored eye own brand custom eyelash brings out the color, cobalt adds depth, charcoal is dramatic
• Brown Eyes; black brings out the color, cocoa adds depth, plum is dramatic
• Green Eyes; steel brings out the color, chocolate adds depth, raisin is dramatic
• Gray Eyes; olive brings out the color, black adds depth, sapphire is dramatic
• Dark Eyes; black brings out the color, caramel adds depth, eggplant is dramatic

How to Apply Mascara

Light haired wearers should stick with Brown or Black/Brown. Color is good with black; i.e.
blackened ruby, blackened sapphire, etc.
• Clean own brand custom eyelash
• Wiggle for volume
• Don’t do bottom own brand custom eyelash- looks fake

own brand custom eyelash
own brand custom eyelash

Less is more; you can always add on!

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