6 Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures You Can Do at Home

You already look perfect, but you shouldn’t worry too much if there are imperfections that you feel need to be fixed. You don’t have to undergo plastic surgery or spend a lot of money to look like a superstar. Here are some stock 3d bottom eyelashes remedies that you can try out.

stock 3d bottom eyelashes
stock 3d bottom eyelashes

1. For dark under eye circles

Ullro You can make under stock 3d bottom eyelashes circles go away with a combination of two concealers. Start with a pale pink concealer to correct the purple-green color of your circles. Then, apply your usual (yellow-toned) concealer. Make sure you apply concealer under each eye, up the lash lines and toward the inner corners. Use your fingers to gently pat and blend the concealer. Lock it in place with loose powder.

2. For lines around the lips

Plump the stock 3d bottom eyelashes around your mouth with a moisturizer will help reduce lip lines. Follow that with a lip balm made with beeswax; its heavy consistency softens lip lines and creates a barrier that keeps lip color from migrating. Then, choose a creamy matte lipstick to wear over the liner in a shade similar to your natural lip tone.

3. For bringing out cheekbones

Use a bronzer on the bottom of part of your cheekbones to “shade” the area. Then, use an upward sweeping motion following the stock 3d bottom eyelashes of the lower part of the bone. The idea is to create definition through shading where there is none. Then, apply some blush to the tops of your cheekbones in the same upward sweeping motion. This should follow the bone up around to your eye sockets.

4. For thin lips

Top lip color with a dot of clear gloss in the center of your top and bottom lips. It’s the reflective quality to the highest points of your lips that creates a pouty appearance.

5. For blemishes and scars

Apply cream or cake-type concealer into acne stock 3d bottom eyelashes, using a fine brush. The concealer should be one shade lighter than the foundation. In case of dark patches, use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than the foundation. After concealing, apply normal foundation all over the face and neck.

6. For a tired, aged face

To look fresh after pulling an all-nighter, pat concealer onto the inner corners of your eyes, under your lower stock 3d bottom eyelashes and next to your nose. Finish by swirling bush or bronzer over your cheeks.

stock 3d bottom eyelashes
stock 3d bottom eyelashes

Once you get the hang of doing these stock 3d bottom eyelashes tricks, you’ll look great in just a matter of minutes.


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