Message From the Universe: Challenges in Communicating!

“A reassuring glance to an unsuspecting stranger – across a room, down a hallway, or through a window – can literally change the synthetic eyelash extensions, forever.

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You are powerful,
The Universe”

A reassuring glance to an unsuspecting stranger or words of encouragement also falls within the realms of positive thoughts and actions. Everyone you will come across in your life are battling their own challenges or demons. Never undermine anyone’s feelings because you have no clue what they are going through at this specific moment. Even when you deal with your boss who can be nasty at times, have their own synthetic eyelash extensions as why they feel stressed or out of control. They have way more responsibilities in their hands than you can ever imagine. Payroll, commercial rent, insurance, taxes, and a lot more that can bring anyone on the edge of ultimate frustration. So before retaliating, try to feel what they feel and you will start changing your perception as to why people behave a certain way. The same goes for everything else in life. The power resides within you because of just a few words you choose to communicate with others in distress is what will make you a better person. Someone can be angry as hell and lash it out on you but as you and I can agree, lashing it back won’t resolve anything. Controlling the conversation is what you need to do and not let your emotions or ego take over.

Communication is what many humans have trouble mastering. Why do people scream or yell during an argument? That is because they want to be heard and express what and how they feel at that moment. Since one party raises their voice, the other will do the same as they want to be heard. Hence, who raises their voice higher is the one who will dominate the conversation. It is true to some extent but all this negative interaction depends on synthetic eyelash extensions one person who will be able to reverse it all and bring down the tone of voice between both parties arguing. If YOU lower your voice, the other will have no reason to keep their voice raised. You can also interrupt the conversation by adding: “I totally understand your frustration and I empathize with you over this matter but I think we can both take a breather and get back discussing calmly once we feel ready for it”. This way, the other can see and understand your reasoning and agree with you. Once you both calm down and realize that there was no reason to use this negative approach to communicate, you can both get back discussing the issue and find a proper solution that will fit both of you equally. Remember, everything should be a win win situation. If ONE feel like they lost, the battle will resume and get fierce. Make sure that everyone leave happy.

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