Luminess Air Review

At some point in your life you’ve opened up a magazine and looked at the pure unblemished various styles premium eyelashes of a model and simply known that she may be a pock-marked with blemishes but she’s been air brushed into the unreal splendor that you are seeing in the magazine. Air brushing cosmetics onto women has been around for a while, but usually reserved for models, actresses and the very wealthy. Now remember that I never buy anything without doing very deep research. Enter Luminess Air, the magicians of cosmetic design providing cosmetics as simple as possible. They are also holistic, organic and completely natural. I am thoroughly amazed at how my own skin responded.

various styles premium eyelashes
various styles premium eyelashes

Ullro I have found that airbrushing on various styles premium eyelashes is something that I figured would be in the far future, but it exists today and does away with the conventional makeup methods that use dry powder and/or liquid foundations systems.

Then, I learned that I had no idea how versatile airbrush systems can be. With an airbrush system you can actually airbrush on the foundation, blush or bronzer, body various styles premium eyelashes , and even body sprays. I learned that they can also be used to airbrush temporary hair highlighting, and use it as a tattoo cover!

Once the province of only movie stars, the Luminess airbrush system features a highly accurate airbrush stylus, complete with air compressor and makeup. I still delved deeper into this and learned that a High Definition TV stint would show me how wrong and caked on my various styles premium eyelashes actually was. I was smart, and went instead to a TV store that allows a camera to show you what you look like on camera as a sales tool. I was totally mortified, as I saw every pore, wrinkle, and laugh line right there! Not only that, but every brush stroke I’d carefully used to put on my makeup showed up!

I ordered my Luminess Air system that very day. It proved to be one of the smartest things I have ever done. People who knew me well wanted to know if I’d had a facelift, or lost weight. A few remarked how beautiful my skin had gotten, and one guy I’ve had my eye on for months finally asked me out!

When the system was finally delivered, at first, I was quite slow in using the product, afraid that I’d have a “too heavy” a hand, but eventually, I relaxed with it, and I can now do my various styles premium eyelashes in less time than it took before. So, now not only does my makeup look natural but I don’t keep people waiting on me to finish my makeup anymore, for which everyone is very happy!

various styles premium eyelashes
various styles premium eyelashes

If you’ve never had an airbrush various styles premium eyelashes session, you are really in for a heck of a surprise with Luminess Air system. You’ll come out looking younger as your pores are not “filled with makeup” the way my old makeup used to do, and neither will your wrinkles if you have any. When I look back at some of my pictures before I used Luminess, I simply can’t believe the difference it’s made for me.

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