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Now that you know how to wash your eyelash extensions, we have a few more important suggestions and reminders.

  • Don’t wash them too soon. Ask your lash technician when you can let your lashes get wet after the initial application – it can take up to 48 hours.
  • Don’t be aggressive. Any friction can lead to losing precious, expensive extensions. DIY lash extensions will hold up to a bit more friction (and they’re also easier to re-apply), but it’s still best to be careful.
  • Don’t brush your lashes while they’re wet. While they’re damp, your lashes might be a little more brittle, so avoid brushing them.
  • Don’t just use whatever cleansing product. Stick to lash-extension safe cleansing formulas that won’t compromise the adhesive.
  • Don’t use anything uneven or rough. Cotton pads and regular towels are off limits because they can create friction.
  • Don’t put your face under the shower head. If you’re washing your eyelash extensions in the shower, be careful not to place your head directly under the shower head. The pressure can damage your lashes and lead to loss of extensions.

    Washing isn’t the only aspect of correct lash extension care. Here are a few more quick tips for once you’re done washing.

    • Let your lashes dry completely before touching them.
    • Brush your lashes regularly with a clean spoolie brush to detangle and keep them looking fluffy.
    • Use oil-free skincare products around the eyes in order to avoid breaking down the lash glue.
    • Wear a face mask to sleep to avoid rubbing your lashes against the pillow.


    Learning how to wash your lash extensions is pretty easy! It’s not complicated at all, but you want to make sure to do it correctly and gently. Avoiding friction while keeping your lashes clean is the ultimate secret to having long-lasting, beautiful extensions. So stay washed, and keep on batting your gorgeous lashes!