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While great lash extensions should leave your natural lashes in great shape, there are some factors that can lead to lash loss.

Qualifications and Skills of Your Lash Technicians

Selecting your lash technician carefully is imperative for the health of your natural lashes and eyes. Uncertified or inexperienced lash technicians often make mistakes that lead to lash loss.

Those harmful mistakes include:

  • Attaching one lash extension to multiple natural lashes puts too much stress on the lash roots, often causing lash fall.
  • Choosing extensions that are too thick or long for the state of your natural lashes can put too much stress on your follicle.
  • Attaching lash extensions to the skin rather than the individual lash can irritate the skin and pull out newer lash growth.

When selecting a technician to do your lash extensions, make sure to read a lot of reviews, look at photos, and ask about qualifications, training, and consultations. That’s the best way to make sure your extensions won’t cause issues.

Poor Aftercare

The next leading cause of lash damage is not taking good care of your eyelash extensions after getting them done. The process of taking care of extensions can be a little intense, but these are the pitfalls that usually damage the lashes:

  • Picking or tugging on your lash extensions can cause your natural lashes to fall off more easily.
  • Not cleaning your lash extensions regularly. This can lead to debris buildup that can irritate the lashline and follicles.
  • Cleaning your lash extensions too aggressively or using rough cotton pads can also lead to lash loss.
  • Not brushing the lash extensions can cause them to become tangled, which can put stress on the natural lashes.

Check out our full guide for more lash extension aftercare advice, not just to keep your natural lashes intact, but also to keep your extensions looking great.

Improper Removal

The next factor that often leads to lash damage is incorrect lash extension removal. Once you’re tired of your lash extensions, it’s best to have your lash technician remove them for you. Even if you decide to remove your lash extensions at home, be very careful to take the proper steps, work slowly, and never pull on the extensions.