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Since they eliminate the need for mascara, eyelash extensions are a significant, daily time saver when it comes to putting on and taking off makeup.

If you routinely wear false eyelashes, you’ll save even more time. Plus, you can say goodbye to fumbling with glue and having your false eyelashes come off prematurely.

You also have many options with eyelash extensions. You can choose the length, type of curl, and thickness of the extensions you want.

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

The cost of your eyelash extensions will be determined by the region you live in what the extensions are made from. Mink lashes are often the most expensive.

In general, the range for having eyelash extensions varies anywhere from $125 to $300 or more. Routine maintenance, such as adding in fillers, may cost around $50 to $100 per session.

How are eyelash extensions applied?
Eyelash extensions take around two hours to apply. The procedure will take place in a comfortable environment. You’ll either sit or recline back.

Some salons provide soft music to help you relax. If yours doesn’t, you may wish to listen to your own music or a podcast while the procedure is taking place.

Here are the general steps of the process:

Your clinician will gently cleanse both your eyes.
To avoid accidentally gluing your natural lower lashes to your upper ones, your clinician will tape your lower lashes to your skin with surgical tape.
Your natural eyelashes will be isolated, typically with a tweezer or other device.
An artificial lash will be adhered to the top of the isolated lash with a tiny drop of glue.
This process will be repeated for the entire lid of both eyes.
The eye receiving lashes must be closed for the procedure.
Who can apply them?
Eyelash extensions should only be applied by a certified lash technician who’s undergone training specifically for this procedure. They may be a medical professional, lash stylish, aesthetician, or cosmetologist.

In the United States, regulations for salons that apply lash extensions vary by state. Check your state’s website to see what, if any, regulations apply to lash technicians and salons.

Read online reviews before you go. Only choose a reputable salon or clinic with a strong reputation for cleanliness and safety.

When you’re making your appointment, ask questions. Find out about the ingredients in the glue. Also ask if the instruments used are sterilized.

Remain in charge of the process. If the salon doesn’t feel clean, or the technician doesn’t address your questions or needs, end the appointment. You should also do this if you start to feel uncomfortable, either physically or mentally, while your lashes are being applied.

Remember that a bargain often isn’t. If the price is too good to be true, make sure the reason isn’t poor hygiene, lack of quality or licensure, or inexperience. This isn’t only about your lashes; it’s also about your eyes.