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The thickness, curl, and length of lashes used in a set will depend on the style desired. There are three main types of eyelash extensions – synthetic, silk and mink. Here at Lash Perfect we only use high-quality synthetic lashes – our mink lashes are synthetic, ethical and hygienic and called ‘mink’ due to their smooth texture.


Lash curls are defined by letters –  for example ‘C’ curl is one of the most popular curls used as it gives a natural lift to lashes, and is suitable for most natural lash types.

Lash Perfect offers a collection of curls each creating a unique look tailored to suit varying preferences.


Thickness of lashes chosen will depend on the desired look. Usually thicker lashes are used for classic lash extensions – 0.10 and 0.15 thicknesses are popular. When using the Russian technique, it is advised to use finer lashes as you are using more than one lash in a fan. Popular Russian thicknesses are 0.05 and 0.07.


It is advisable to choose a length no more than 2-3 mm longer than the natural lashes that are being worked on.