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Normally, you’ll need to wait for 24 to 48 hours before going swimming with lash extensions. In fact, you’ll have to wait before exposing your lashes to any water, which includes getting in the shower or even sweating at the gym.

Lash adhesives don’t bond to your lashes immediately. Over the course of a few hours or days, they slowly absorb moisture from the air, which is how they are able to cure. Lash technicians know how to choose the correct glue based on the humidity in the area where they live, since that has a huge impact on how the glue sets.

However, if you get in the water too early, the glue will cure too fast, without totally bonding the lashes and the extensions.

That said, make sure to ask your technician, as well. There are some lash extension adhesives that set a little faster than normal. These days, some formulas will finish curing in just 6 hours, while others set more slowly. Always listen to your technician and follow her advice for timing and aftercare.

Once the glue sets, you’ll be able to go swimming again! If you’re a frequent swimmer, let your technician know. They might choose to use a different adhesive or add other bonding steps to ensure that your lashes last for longer.

There are still a few important things you’ll need to be aware of, especially, when it comes to the type of environments you swim in.